QuantStart Gets a Makeover

QuantStart Gets a Makeover

The team at QuantStart are very proud to announce a brand new redesign of the site that emphasises our core specialties of algorithmic trading, machine learning and years of insight into careers advice for quantitative finance. We've optimised the site for desktop, tablet and mobile, reflecting the extensive diversity of how many of you keep updated with the site.

QuantStart has been overhauled to allow straightforward navigation through our 190-strong quantitative finance article database for beginner and expert quants alike. We've also revamped the extremely popular quantitative finance reading list by removing older titles and adding newer texts relevant to the current needs of quants.

In addition to the new educational content we've added a dedicated section for our freely-available open source backtesting and live trading engine QSTrader. In the coming weeks we'll be steadily adding to the documentation to make it to get started in backtesting your strategies.

However this is just the beginning of the journey. In the coming months we'll be adding more content on new quant trading ideas, quant software development as well as state-of-the-art techniques such as deep learning.

Please let us know what you think of the new design, or whether you have any great ideas for content you'd like to see, by emailing support@quantstart.com.