Quick Install Guide

QSTrader is written in the Python programming language. Hence in order to use QSTrader it is necessary to install a modern Python environment.

Install Python

The simplest cross-platform way to install Python is to download the latest freely available Anaconda Individual Edition. At the time of writing is targeting Python 3.8. Anaconda works across Windows, MacOS and Linux.

The Anaconda environment provides a Python-based data science research platform, containing all the necessary Python packages that QSTrader relies on.

As the specific installation instructions for the Anaconda Individual Edition are subject to change, it is suggested to look at the official installation guidance, which can be found here.

Install QSTrader

Once Anaconda Individual Edition (or another suitable Python virtual environment) has been installed QSTrader can be installed in the 'usual way' via pip:

pip install qstrader

Verify the Install

Once you have installed QSTrader via pip open up a Python console by typing python from your command line/shell. Once at the Python prompt, import QSTrader:

>>> import qstrader

If no error message appears then QSTrader has been successfully installed.

Now that QSTrader has been installed it is possible to move onto the first tutorial where you will backtest a simple 60/40 portfolio.